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Rocker Step from Basketball RichmondHill

Blow by your opponent by getting them to come toward while you go forward.  This can be done off the dribble or when you catch the ball.

Mechanics (by Basketball RichmondHill)

  1. Keep back leg coiled, Step to right or left of defender, Move upper body back
  2. Defender comes forward because of your upper body moving backwards
  3. Blow by your defender using your momentum which is going forward and spring from your coiled leg

3 Video’s Showing Variations of Move

  • Shows footwork but not upper body going back
  • showing footwork and upper body movement
  • it also has 2 other nice moves like Jab step (notice the shoulders)
  • talks about timing & how to attach top foot
  • shows how to incorporate shot fake

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Basketball Rule: Can shooter catch a blocked ball before it hits the ground?

Q: If a player has possession and is in the air for a shot, and the shot is blocked free of his hands, can he catch the ball before it hits the ground or is this traveling?
A: Similar to the question about, if the player no longer has control, the ball is considered loose and he may be the first to touch it. No traveling call would be made on this play.

The full answer is on Donnie’s website.   He is the NBA’s VP of Referee Operations


Basketball Rule: Can you hit shooters hand if it is on the ball?

This question came up in many of our pickup basketball games.  So I emailed Donnie.   He is the NBA’s VP of Referee Operations.  Below was his response.

Q: I am having a debate with a friend about the hand being a part of the ball. He feels the hand is part of ball, but only when contact is incidental. My understanding is the hand is part of the ball in all circumstances, even going to the extreme of whacking a guys hand hard when he is shooting or dribbling.
A: You are correct. The hand is part of the ball when it is in contact with the ball. But keep in mind that only the part of the hand that is in contact with the ball is considered as part of the ball. So if you’re shooting and an opponent slaps your wrist, that’s a foul.