Women’s Basketball

This Program is CLOSED

Women’s basketball Richmond Hill, Ontario on Thursday nights.  18+  year old with some exceptions.  (This is pickup basketball and not a league)   

It is pickup so the teams change every week.

 Don’t worry if you have not played in a while.  Many of the players are just starting to get back into it.

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  • Thursday Nights
    • 6 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Sep/21/2023 – Jun/13/2023  – 9 months
  • Not on Oct/12 Oct/26,Dec/28,Jan/4,Feb/15,Mar/14 ,Apr/4 


  • $40/player/for season


  • double sided jersey or a white & dark shirt


  • 2 and 3 ball up to 11
  • Either offense or defense calls fouls
  • Any arguments are settled with a 3 point shot 
  • Challenging team starts off with the ball
  • Players do not choose teams.  Players who win stay on and the losing team sits off.  The players who where sitting off the longest are automatically on.  Then the rest of the players shoot for the remaining spots.  It is do or die.  Meaning if you hit the shot you are in if you miss you sit.  
  • If a team wins 3 games in a row they will shoot off with the team that just lost.
  • We play dark and white shirts so  ensure you bring a double sided jersey or a dark and white shirt.

Register for Pickup Basketball

Why am I doing this? 

Guys can go into any gym to play.  Unfortunately, there are very few places for women to play competitive basketball.    While women can play with the guys it usually not the same.  After years of playing basketball I have found it is not how good you are but playing with players at your level that makes any sport fun.   


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